About me

Hi and welcome,

My name is Elisabeth Svendby and I work as a professional artist in Oslo, Norway.

My subjects are my life and surroundings. I get these obsessions and use paint and pencils to explore them. It can be everything from the forests of Norway to my old family photo albums.

I have been drawing and making things all my life, and in 2017 I quit my design job and gradually started selling my paintings instead of taking on design jobs.

I enjoy painting both big and small, and I like to use color to bring the paintings to life. The people and places are often from memories and inspired by pictures of loved ones. Sometimes I like to use photos as a jumping off point for my work, and love changing things around to suite my needs in each piece. There might be an underlying message or a subtle feeling I want to make stand out more and feel stronger more clear, so I adjust and play around with "reality".

The same goes for color. I have always loved switching out the natural colors with the ones that most suit the mood I want to evoke, and that are more like what I see when I close my eyes and think about the subjects. 

Most of my paintings are stored in my studio in Oslo, so please reach out if you are interested in visiting and taking a look! Send me an e-mail and we can arrange a time that suits you.

Email me at support@elisabethsvendby.com


My main focus is to sell the paintings through my website, so exhibitions have not been my priority, but I might be planning to do another again soon, if the right venue comes up.

Galleri S9, Oslo - Solo exhibition, 28 aug - 10 sep, 2021

OMK(Oslo Maleklubb) Fall exhibition, Oktober 2019

Kroloftets Jubileum exhibition, Juni 2019

Oslo Open 2019 - Open studio, Kroloftet

Oslo Open 2018 - Open studio, Kroloftet